Cilico specializes in manufacturing and developing fashionable, durable and rugged handheld terminals, wireless barcode scanners and industrial tablets, etc. Cilico was founded in 2001. Our head R&D office is located in Xi’an and supply chain in Shenzhen. Our products are widely applied in many fields such as: medical institutes, supermarkets and retailing stores, logistics and express, transportation, business ticketing system, manufacturing industries, inventory, asset management and traceability, which have owned good reputation and trust of 2,000 clients from 68 countries around the world.
Cilico highly focuses on product R&D and technological innovation. We have constantly increased investment and effort to the design of the product appearance and performance.
In terms of the production, in order to control quality strictly, we share the same modernized production lines with many worldwide brands. Our products have also passed many certifications such as IP65, CE, RoHS, FCC,BIS, etc.
No matter who you are, an end-user, a trader, a software integrator, a branding hardware distributor, we are deeply convinced that you can find cost effective products with high performance to keep your high profit.
We are committed to becoming the global leading enterprise of IoT industry. Our vision is to constantly provide stable and reliable data terminal products and service of IoT. To our clients, suppliers, employees, we regard honesty as our core value and always put it at the first place.
Energetic and professional team as Cilico is, we manufacture and develop each product with heart and provide considerate service for you. Cilico is always with you.

Expectations from the General Manager

Since the mid of 18th century, human have undergone three industrial revolutions.
The first industrial revolution marked the transition from agriculture civilization to industrial civilization;
The second industrial revolution entered the era of electronics;
The third industrial revolution created the era of information with the human civilization reaching to the prehistoric height.
Today, the tide of “Industry 4.0”which is promoted by IoT technology will create another new era of productivity revolution and Cilico is committed to making its own contribution to this era.
Since its founding in 2001, Cilico has grown to a modernized manufacturing center with its own developing and designing team. In addition, Cilico has owned many patented technologies and intellectual property rights, and it has launched the first industrial handheld terminal of Android in the world. The products has also passed many certifications such as IP65, CE, RoHS, FCC,BIS, etc. We are deeply convinced that you can find the product of high stability and cost performance which meet your needs and the professional technology service beyond your imagination in Cilico.
Cilico pays great attention to the growth and development of the employees and makes effort to create a delight and relax work environment which conforms to its enterprise culture. Meanwhile, Cilico also provides a platform for its employees to realize their self-values, so that it will contribute to more technique innovations and the development of productivity.
There is an old saying that:”learning proficiency for officialdom”. It is the final goal for Cilico to establish a learning study organization which is a foundation stone for today’s Cilico. Focus and persistence are two precious qualities for Cilico stars and the constant motivation for Cilico as well. It is always Cilico’s team spirit to sacrifice for others.
Looking into future, Cilico will be committed to focusing on the research on the hardware products of IoT, keeping serving customers and providing reliable and stable products, creating a platform for our employees to realize their values and making contributions to the technological innovation of the industry and the development of productivity.


CILICO Enterprise Culture

Vision: Becoming the leading enterprise of the IoT and a happily-growing homeland for strivers.

Externally, Cilico was founded in 2001 and had always been specialized in manufacturing and researching IoT products.
Cilico has published many products which have exerted a great influence on IoT industry, including the micro-processing technology with ARM32 bit, the CZ200 barcode scanning head with IPR and the world’s first IoT tablet with 3G and Android system– CM700. Besides, Cilico is striving for the goal of becoming the leading enterprise of IoT. Although, there is still a long way to go, Cilio stars never give up this dream with nonfeasance and improve comprehensively from the product and service. All in all, we are moving forward to reach this goal– becoming the leading enterprise of IoT.

Internally, Cilico is a hapily-growing homeland for all the strivers.
Since its founding, Cilico has been paying great attention to the nurture of all the employees. After tens-of-year development, there are more than one hundred personnel, among whom most of the key staff have rich work experience. Only with the participation and recognition of splendid staff, Cilico is a constantly growing enterprise.

The core value
Be honesty, be responsible, be aggressive, work selflessly, sacrifice for others, have strong team spirit.

Cilico core value lays a great foundation for a team cooperation, which is also a good virtue to become a person. Cilico guides its staff to grow happily and healthily. What Cilico brings to staff is not only the material income, but also the brilliant career life.

Enterprise mission
Providing stable and reliable data collection products and services of IoT
It is a mission that entails all the Cilico staff to engage to and devote to, which is not a slogan. Since the past several years, Cilico developed from a workshop with several people to an enterprise with about 200 staff. It always focus on the brand strategy of R&D. Cilico has won a good reputation around the world, serving more than 60 countries and regions.


With trust and support from our partners, we pursue excellency and the win-win situation.