R&D and design capacity

With thorough standard design procedure, Cilico has designed products according to the strict steps and rules and developed products with scientific, reasonable and controllable way. The perfect R&D team has enabled the implementation of the R&D of the products with high-quality, making sure that Cilico provides you with reliable and stable data collecting devices and services.

Guarantee of the design procedure

With perfect guarantee system of the design procedure for the customized projects, Cilico provides a systematical guarantee for project management and quality control from the proposal of a new product to the delivery of the volume production, which makes the whole developing procedure more scientific and normative.

R&D Tools

There is an old Chinese saying that if you want to do things well, the first thing you are supposed to do is to get everything ready for you. In order to make a successful design of the products, Cilico established a laboratory system which is able to offer all kinds of instrument and apparatus such as: mechanical design, firmware testing, and radio frequency testing, as well as various developing software and simulation software.