CILICO 4th  Sales PK Compitition

Before the coming of the first new product, we CILICO are holding the 4th  Sales PK Compitition. In the rest time of the 2D barcode scanner, we Xi’an, Shenzhen, Chengdou, as well as Beijing families meet in xi’an to take part in the competition altogether.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the CILICO 4th  Sales PK Compitition starts. Our CEO Mr. WULUE delivered the opening speech, and every marketing incentive soldiers fully carried forward the sword spirit, practiced the Fourier “customer-centric” product concept in order to deliver quality products and services to more customers to achieve a win-win situation.

CILICO is in the Fourier vigorous culture of “PK culture”. through the PK competition, it can inspire every potential partner to reach out all yourself energy and power! The harder you work, the closer you dream come true!

CILICO is a place where you can work hard for inclusive endeavour , and make effort to strive a happy home of Fourier! Young people do not satisfied with their own hardworking. We can not only rely on what had happened yesterday. Please start form today, only for today’s effort and homework.

We always hold “customer-center”, “hardworking”, as well as longlasting forever. At 5 pm, our competition goes to the end with the culture of “say please do”, which means the real opening start of the 4th  Sales PK Compitition.

All flyers will continue to carry forward the originality spirit, and continue to provide high-quality products and services for customers. Our aim is to become the industry leader in the new era, leading the IOT!

Come on!  Flyers! Please take out all your energy, power, enthusiastic, as well as your motivation. You will be the NO.1! Come on!