In CILICO, you can not only get a stable and reliable handheld terminals ,but also enjoy the industry-leading enterprise-class Mobile Devices Management (MDM) platform services



With the further integration of IT technology and communication technology, the mobile Internet industry develops rapidly. Mobile intelligent terminal equipment based on iOS and Android operating system is increasingly powerful, which has been penetrated into all aspects in people’s daily life. More and more employees is gradually or are about to get rid of the constraints of the office to deal with daily affairs with mobile phones and other mobile devices.
Emerging mobile devices make traditional IT management a huge challenge, which requires the application of enterprise IT strategy and standardize the management of these devices .

Have you encountered a similar situation in mobile device management?

  • Mobile handheld device accidentally lost. All the important information and data inside can no longer be found back.
  • Mobile devices are experiencing malware attacks, and the security of important data can‘t be guaranteed.
  • It is more and more difficult, inefficiency and inaccurate to manage asset manually because the number of mobile devices is increasing.
  • It is too time-consuming to unified distribute documents and notice because more and more employees use these devices.
  • Staff real-time positioning, working status, and working record cannot be counted.
  • Professional equipment is used for personal entertainment, which makes the goal of enterprise information construction impossible.
Mobile device management (MDM) system came into being!

What is MDM?

MDM (Mobile Device Management) is the technology platform of enterprise IT transiting to mobile Internet, it can help enterprises to extend IT management capabilities from the traditional PC to mobile devices, even mobile APP, more convenient and flexible. As the time goes, MDM manufacturers gradually expand the MAM (Mobile Application Management), MCM (Mobile Content Management) and other more features.

With the evaluation of Gartner (the most authoritative measure in this industry), MDM system provides the management of complete mobile lifecycle, from device registration, activation, use, and elimination of all aspects of comprehensive management.


  • CILICO MDM is an intelligent device management platform for enterprise-level user management (implemented by IT management department) to monitor and manage mobile devices and user behavior. The platform provides customers with the full lifecycle of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile document management (MCM), and coverage for mobile management.
  • Combine with Cilico IOT hardware device and Cilico MDM, the enterprise managers could remotely manage the device, and the applications, documents on device, meanwhile could make sure that the users have to comply with corporate security strategy. Enterprise also could easily control the user`s behavior through CILICO MDM.



Safety management

Policy management、policy update

1.The problem that security policy update is not timely can be resolved

Wi-Fi, 4G、 Bluetooth

The problem that low network connectivity management can be resolved


Reduce the opportunities of mobile device infection with malware


Device lock up、device shutdown、device restart、data erase、restore factory settings

to prevent the data security threats caused by loss of mobile devices

Enterprise Information Asset Management

Mobile asset management functions

basic information

dynamic information

Information resource management functions



Mobile application management functions

application store

update the application、release the application

Employee Behavior Management


CILICO MDM Advantage


What are the benefits to enterprise-class customer managers?

  • Control terminal equipment conveniently via a centralized console

  • Manipulate mobile assets through the platform

  • Learn about device information through platform (static, dynamic)

  • Maintain enterprise applications through platform

  • Manage the enterprise knowledge base, and synchronization to the terminal equipment through platform

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