CILICO insists on customer-oriented concept and providing stable and reliable data collection products and services of IoT is our mission.

However, what is customer-oriented?

Whether our products are really stable and reliable or not?

In order for you to enjoy stable and reliable products and service, we are stepping towards newly produced R&D PDA as well as 2D wireless barcode scanner.

Now, we need your COMPLAINTS and SUGGESTION.As long as you has used our products, you can figure out your DISSATISFACTIONS and  COMPLAINTS, for example, the  hardware, software, packing, description, even service etc.

At the same time, no matter you are a cashier, a Warehouse staff, a salesman, or a beautiful considerate nurse, you can devote your SUGGESTION and COMPLAINTS as well.



Even you DO NOT use any brand or model of handheld terminal and barcode scanner, as long as you have suggestion ,complaints or inconvenience you can figure them out and speak them out.

CILICO R&D Center will study your COMPLAINTS and SUGGESTION carefully to improve our products and service.

Our aim is clearly for more stable and reliable products and more efficient service to you.

Thank you for your participation!

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