The consideration of 4 core handheld terminal

With the market of cilico handheld terminal cm388, whether the 4 core handheld terminal will bring a great change to the data collection terminal  becomes a miracle, which makes people think a lot.

A few years before, maybe you just know a little about the handheld terminal, industrial tablet, data collector, as well as IOT. Well for today, those unknown things go to the sight of peoples’ gradually, especially for the choice of handheld terminal. We know less about the core handheld terminal. Until today, we pay our attention to the quantity of handheld terminal. Thus, the single handheld terminal will go out of the market. Well, what’s the fate of CILICO handheld terminal cm388? Will it becomes the leader of the market? Which makes us fell happy. However, do you really know the core the 4 core handheld terminal? Maybe not. And how will you choose the handheld terminal? As the matter of fact, the choice of the CPU is as important as the core.

And, today, let us pay a test for the CILICO handheld terminal. Let us know the difference between CILICO and others IOT products.

4 core handheld terminal

The test for the quality

the test for quality

All in all, from the test, we can suggest you a good way to know the test.