German partners visited CILCIO to build a global friendly relisonship

On 17th, June, 2017, our German partners visited CILICO in Xi’an, we had a close discussion on the products pro and brand construction.

The German partner visited the headquarters of the CILICO R & D center and marketing center. After visiting the product development center, our German partner, who were used to be rigorous and were always chasing for the ultimate quality said that, ”CILICO is improving, and we have more confidence for future cooperation”

We CILICO are always in the good industry reputation and excellent quality of products from the R & D team to  adhering to the “Flyer spirit of originality”. Since the foundation of CILICO, we are devoted to focusing on the research and development of networking technology. For 16 years, CILICO continue to cultivate in the field of IOT, which makes us go further.

Depending on the high quality and high stability of products and services, CILICO are quickly spreading all over the world. CILICO has a professional foreign trade marketing team, which is responsible for the sale of all products and services. For the past 10 years, we have establish a localized brand awareness and a good reputation in IOT.  And we will continue to serve for the global 68 countries and regions more than 2000 customers.

After this visit, our German partner said that, ”they will be more confident for our CILICO products and service!”

We CILICO will have a bright future towards tomorrow.

This article is first written on 27, July,2017