IOT’s Next Development: what’s the future?

2017 has seen the size, scope and awareness of the internet of things continue to grow at considerable pace. And while corporate latecomers hastily stitching together their first attempts at an IoT strategy, the market leaders are already planning for IoT’s next step – where artificial intelligence and data analytics meet to provide a new frontier of insights and opportunities.

For IoT World News’ next webinar our panel of experts, selected from the Internet of Things World 2017 speaker line-up, will share their views on how enterprises and industries will be leveraging the next generation of IoT capabilities – spanning machine learning, predictive analytics and more – and what the outcomes will be.

The expertise of our speakers spans both the private and public sector, and the implications of IoT, analytics and AI for both enterprise and government will be covered.

Scott Amyx, founder and CEO of Amyx+, will speak on how quantum computing will give IoT a leap like never before. He will briefly touch upon the possibilities, current limitations and breakthroughs needed to reach a state practical for the industry at large with implications to business models, computing, security, communication, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Nancy Ross, Leader – IoT Line of Business at MITRE, will present on the U.S. Federal Government’s research into AI and machine learning, and how the government plans to apply these technologies based of its findings.

Sam Bhattaria, Office of the CTO at Toshiba, is a late addition to our speaker line-up. He will provide an update on his department’s plans to put this cutting-edge technology to use, and how Toshiba will benefit.

Presentations will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session – your best opportunity to quiz our experts on how IoT will be impacted by AI and data analytics, ahead of the main event in May.