Occupy the Iot Market, We CILICO Are the NO.1

The informative exhibition all over the world is widely spread, and to some extent, it has been as the vital important thing to do for the people in Iot field. Exhibition has been named as an important party in a company. Compared with other fields, exhibition in the Iot field are referred to industrial tablet, handheld terminal, as well as barcode scanner.

Cebit prohobition

Depending on the 16-year-experience, CILICO has occupied a great high tech stand in the Iot field. We have many self-developed technology, advanced R&G, as well as patient service! You can see so many perfect products in the market, like CM550S.


This CM550S series of products are printable hand-held terminals with Android fingerprint recognition, equipping with 1D and 2D scanning module, NFC, 900M RFID-UHF, fingerprint recognition, thermal printing module and power infrared module. Meanwhile, CM550S can realize the simultaneous configuration of bar code scanning and 900M UHF RFID, fully showing the high integration of hand-held terminal. CM550S can effectively meet the diversified operating needs of customers.

Cebit prohibition

For the Cebit exhibition, we have showed our products, showed our advanced high tech, as well as our reliable mobile hand held equipment during enterprise information work.

Cebit prohibition

CILICO in China is like the barcode scanner in the world.

Cebit prohibition

Cilico highly focuses on product R&D and technological innovation. We have constantly increased investment and effort to the design of the product appearance and performance.
In terms of the production, in order to control quality strictly, we share the same modernized production lines with many worldwide brands. Our products have also passed many certifications such as IP65, CE, RoHS, FCC,BIS, etc.