Social Care and Assistance
In 2008, Wenchuan earthquake happened in Sichuan province affected millions of people. CS200 produced by Cilico was used as a rescuing device and played an important role in searching surviving lives. Besides, Cilico persisted in supporting children in poor area of southern Shaanxi province, constantly showing care for the special community.

Business Code of Conduct
“Honesty and Trust” is regarded as an enterprise core value for Cilico. As president Wu said: “ we shall never cheat any wholesalers, nor the customers and withhold the wages”.

Family Love
Family is a small constituent part of the society. A stable family is a strong foundation for the social harmony. The course set by Cilico is aiming for all the staff and family members. Let’s establish a common ground for harmony.

Labor Employment
It is the obligation for an enterprise to relieve the stress of employment. During the past year, Cilico created more than 80 positions, of which the number will keep increasing in 2017.