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Metal Barcode Scanning Handheld Terminal: Functions, Applications, and Advantages

Metal Barcode Scanning Handheld Terminal: Functions, Applications, and Advantages

The metal barcode scanning handheld terminal (also known as PDA) is a portable device designed specifically for scanning and identifying barcodes on metal products. It overcomes the limitations of traditional optical scanners that cannot recognize barcodes on metal surfaces and plays an important role in many industries.


Barcode scanning: This is the core function of the terminal. It can quickly and accurately read barcode information on metal surfaces, such as product serial numbers and batch numbers.

Data collection: The terminal can store and process scanned data and, combined with other relevant information, be used for inventory management, product traceability, etc.

Wireless communication: Most terminals support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular network connections to achieve real-time data transmission and synchronization.

Software support: Terminals typically run specialized software for data processing, function management, and customized applications.

Application areas:

Manufacturing: Used for product traceability, quality control, material management, etc. on the production line.

Logistics and warehousing: Used for warehousing, outbound, inventory, picking, etc., to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Retail industry: Used for product acceptance, inventory management, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, etc.

Medical industry: Used for medical device management, equipment inspection, etc.

Others: It is applicable to the identification and management of metal products in the defense, aerospace, automotive, and other industries.


High recognition efficiency: Quickly read metal surface barcodes to improve work efficiency.

Strong accuracy: Reduce manual operation and lower data error rate.

Flexible application: Support multiple wireless connection methods to adapt to different scenario needs.

Rich functions: Software supports customized development to meet personalized application requirements.

Data security: Encrypted storage of sensitive data to ensure information security.

The metal barcode scanning handheld terminal is an efficient and reliable identification tool that plays an important role in various industries. With technological advancements, metal barcode scanning handheld terminals will become more intelligent, miniaturized, and functional. They will bring greater value and efficiency improvements to production management, logistics and warehousing, the retail industry, the medical industry, and other fields, contributing to the construction of Industry 4.0 and smart cities.