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Ultra High-Frequency RFID Medical Wristbands to “Replace” Traditional Medical Bracelets

Ultra High-Frequency RFID Medical Wristbands to “Replace” Traditional Medical Bracelets

With the accelerated informatization process in the healthcare industry, especially in clinical nursing, there is an increasing emphasis on improving work accuracy and efficiency. Patients’ demands for medical efficiency and service quality are also progressing. Traditional handwritten wristbands and barcode wristbands, due to their inherent limitations, cannot meet the requirements of medical informatization development. Utilizing RFID technology to advance medical informatization and services has become an inevitable trend.

Traditional wristband usage has drawbacks. Handwritten wristbands require nursing staff to visually verify information, which is time-consuming, prone to errors, and increases the risk of medical incidents. Barcode wristbands require close-range alignment for scanning, cannot be obstructed, and impact nursing efficiency. Additionally, both handwritten and barcode wristbands are susceptible to contamination and damage, severely affecting their usability. The Fourier ultra high-frequency RFID medical wristbands, which excel in reading distance and non-visual recognition capabilities, effectively address the pain points of traditional wristband usage.

CILICO’s solution for ultra high-frequency RFID medical wristbands utilizes nanosilicon material, combining traditional barcode wristbands with ultra high-frequency passive RFID technology. The ultra high-frequency RFID medical wristbands serve as a medium for non-visual patient identification. Through PDA mobile terminals, efficient data collection, rapid identification, accurate verification, and integrated management of patient data can be achieved.

CILICO’s ultra high-frequency RFID medical wristbands are designed for medical antimicrobial purposes, certified for safer use. The new thermal-sensitive material is lightweight, thin, soft, comfortable, and breathable. RFID non-visual recognition stores patient information within the chip, fully protecting patient privacy, and reading is unaffected by bedding or clothing obstructions. With anti-human interference design, patient information verification and queries are convenient and quick, enhancing the efficiency and service level of medical staff.