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What is Mobile Nursing PDA?

What is Mobile Nursing PDA?

Mobile Nursing PDA, also known as healthcare mobile scanning terminal, is a specialized data collection, storage, and transmission device designed for medical order management, nursing reminders, and mobile nursing. It collects patient, medication, and material information through the PDA, stores the relevant data, and utilizes wireless networks to transmit information in real-time to a central database. This enables accurate association between individuals and items, enhancing the efficiency of various departments, reducing medical errors and incidents, and ultimately elevating the quality of service in the healthcare industry.

Infusion personnel use the medical PDA to verify patient and infusion bag barcodes, ensuring the safety of the infusion process and preventing errors. Patients can call infusion personnel through the system, and the call information is transmitted in real-time to the healthcare personnel’s PDA for prompt response.

During initial registration, healthcare personnel record basic patient information and provide a unique identity barcode. Subsequent registrations involve scanning the unique identity barcode to track and record patient information, avoiding repetitive data entry.

Billing personnel use the PDA to scan barcodes on prescription or payment notification documents, quickly retrieving all billing items and amounts. Simultaneously, pharmacy and laboratory departments receive notifications. Billing personnel use the PDA to scan the QR code on social security cards for identity confirmation and scan QR codes for WeChat/Alipay to complete patient payments.

4.Inpatient Management
Healthcare personnel receive inspection tasks and confirm medications through the medical PDA. Upon reaching the patient’s room, they scan the patient’s wristband to confirm identity and match it with the medication. They also access electronic medical records, perform vital sign measurements, execute medical orders, and record relevant data. This facilitates patient condition tracking and allows doctors to view medical records efficiently.

As a fast data collection smart device, the PDA integrates work processes in registration, medication administration, billing, and testing, achieving intelligent work and management. It has become an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals. CILICO, as a leader in the new generation of Mobile Nursing PDAs, has realized real-time monitoring and management of the quality of the entire nursing process, solidifying the foundation for closed-loop management in nursing work. In the future, Fourier will continue to focus on user needs, achieve user value, collaborate with partners in the healthcare industry, fully implement the smart medical construction policy, and actively contribute to the construction of a Healthy China.