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  • Sep 27,2022
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RFID reader writer (abbreviation of radio frequency identification) is also known as "RFID reader", that is, radio frequency identification. It can automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through the radio frequency identification signal without manual intervention. It can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple RFID tags at the same time. The operation is fast and convenient. RFID readers / writers are fixed and handheld.

RFID handheld terminal has RFID read-write function, which can read RFID tags. It is a PDA (portable mobile hardware) with specific functions. The combination of RFID and PDA not only keeps the original function of PDA. The frequency bands that RFID handheld terminals can read and write include low frequency, high frequency, UHF, active, etc.

How to select RFID handheld rfid computer

1. To select an RFID handheld terminal, first determine what RFID protocol to use

If the handheld terminal is different from the label protocol, it will not be able to read the label.

2. When selecting RFID handheld terminal, the number of tags and data to be read each time shall be considered

Due to different applications, the number of tags required to be read is also different. Sometimes you need to read only one tag at a time, and sometimes you need to read multiple tags at a time, and each tag has a large amount of data.

3. Antenna matching shall also be considered when selecting RFID handheld terminal

RFID readers and writers are generally divided into two types: portable and fixed. For those requiring mobile operation, corresponding terminals will be selected to cooperate with RFID handheld terminals.

4. Economic strength cost price

Combine all costs invested: RFID handheld terminal equipment cost, tag, antenna, cable and related accessories cost plan budget.

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