Smart Handheld Temperature Reader


CILICO Smart Handheld Temperature Reader, can help you quickly complete non-contact body temperature test and data processing, improve efficiency, reduce exposure to infection, and ensure safety and effectiveness.

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Solution Advantage

1. Easy deployment, one mobile computer device can complete quick deployment.

Non-contact body temperature test + Reports Generation

2. Cloud temperature measurement data management,reduce exposure risk.

3. Enterprise-level application solution design, support solution customization.

· Application software supports personalized customization.

· Support Barcode/RFID/NFC/OCR

Product advantages

1. IP65 industrial protection, rugged and anti-bacteria

2. Excellent hardware configuration, humanized product design, easier to use

Octa-core 2.5Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM large-capacity storage, smooth operation

3. Highly integrated product features can be flexibly customized according to different applications

· Support Barcode/NFC/RFID/OCR

Recommended places

School, community, scenic area, hospital, transportation, airport etc.


Download: Smart Handheld Temperature Reader.pdf 

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