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With the emergence of new modern large-scale airports, the demand for information and data interaction is increasing day by day, and CILICO Aviation Solutions emerged at the historic moment to help intelligent transformation of aviation enterprises.



CILICO Airport solution, by diving into the five application scenario,Real-time information reading and real-time interaction for the entire process of civil aviation logistics, realizing traceability management of the entire process.

Combine barcode, RFID, GPS and other technologies to automatically identify, collect, record, and manage baggage, cargo, and airport vehicles, greatly reducing management and operating costs, reducing failure rates, and improving work efficiency.

Application Scenarios

Airport Vehicle | Baggage Sorting | Airport Ground Service | Warehouse Management

Assets Inventory

Airport Vehicle(Trolley/ Battery car/ Shuttle bus)

RFID positioning management, can draw-out the vehicle distribution map in the entire airport, help quickly allocate according to the demands;

Calculate vehicle utilization rate and optimize parking point distribution map;

Effectively prevent the risk of vehicle lost and make up for management loopholes;

Control the maintenance personnel distribution and work route in real time, optimize the personnel ratio, and reduce operating costs.

Baggage Sorting

Baggage goods are affixed with tags. When the baggage is checked and transported, the mobile computer automatically reads the tags. The staff packs the boxes according to the tag information and binds the baggage and the box number.

Airport Ground Service

Baggage and goods are loaded on the truck. When leaving the warehouse, the staff uses mobile computer to confirm the checking information.

Warehouse Management

Effectively improve work efficiency and avoid manual mistakes;

Establish a complete and accurate database to realize the warehouse information management;

Maximize the use of warehouse resources, reduce warehouse costs, and accelerate the speed of warehouse turnover.

Assets Inventory

Regularly identify the fixed assets of the airport, facilitate asset management and inventory, and reduce capital waste.

Track and monitor fixed assets at anytime and anywhere (Pending, scrapped, deactivated).


Compared with the traditional mode, it reduces the time of baggage handling and sorting and improves work efficiency

Less effort in handling, effectively reducing operating costs

Automatically read baggage and cargo information to facilitate secondary check and reduce error rate

Regularly inspect and maintain equipment to ensure safety and reduce failure rates

Real-time tracking of luggage and cargo to improve customer satisfaction

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