Bluetooth barcode scanner-what is it
  • May 20,2022
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Lotus Series IOT800 Cloud Scanner is an innovative work in the scanning gun industry. CILICO pioneered WIFI data transmission to support cloud data management for enterprise efficiency: touchable screen operation, A-level capacitive touch screen, device control through APP. Customized product function can be customized according to user needs.

Bluetooth 2d barcode scanner's key functions


OS: Linux

Storage:  32MB NOR Flash

Display: 1.54 inch  240*240 touch screen

WIFI: 2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n , distance: 60 meter

Bluetooth: Class Bluetooth 4.1; HID, SPP

Interface: Micro USB

Battery: 2600mAh

Scanning: 1D/2D bar-code scanner

IP Sealing: IP52

Bluetooth barcode scanner's innovative concept

WIFI-Touch Panel

Cloud Bar-code Scanner

Create A New Era of smart scanning

Wireless Design Unlimited Freedom 

Well Designed by Global Red Dot Award Master

Ingenuity polished for 729 hours

Efforts to build by 36 R&D engineers

654 hours`s efforts in optical design by experts

Visible Inventory 

Equipped with 1.54" high-resolution LCD touch screen inventory more convenient and more efficient

Charging cradle

Providing power at any time, make sure fully day working

Power Wi-Fi connection

Support the cloud server data management, the device data can be easily managed

Bue-tooth 4.1

Support HID(Bluetooth keyboard input)and SPP (secondary development) modes data transmission, and 60meters long transmission distance

Accurate Scan of Damaged or Poor-Quality Ba-rcode

IOT800 has high-performance decoding capability scan 1D and 2D bar-code quickly and accurately great improving the one-time pass rate of reading bar-codes

2D qr code scanner's selling points 

IOT800 with a fashion design for brand stores

IOT800 support Wi-Fi, BT, wired multi modes

IOT800 with a popular scanner design but with a screen which can make the setup conveniently and show the information directly

IOT800 Wi-Fi mode can communicate with the server directly, save the cost for PC or smart phones

Excellent scanning performance enhance accuracy and efficiency

Barcode scanner's industry news

9 Internet of Things forum come to Shanghai to Diggin Internet of Things in April

The Internet of Everything is the original purpose of the Internet of Things. Up to now, the Internet of Things has also driven the development of many industries, such as 5G, Bluetooth, WiFi, sensors, UWB positioning, AIoT, cloud computing and other technologies. Meanwhile, it has also made rapid development in many fields, such as industry, transportation, medical care, new retail, human settlements and so on.According to the latest research data, the number of Internet of Things connections in China has reached 4.53 billion, and will be the first to break the 10 billion mark by 2025.

The current stage is also the growth period of the Internet of Things industry, and the integration of new technologies is accelerating to the development of AIoT.In 2019, benefiting from the large-scale implementation of AIoT business in urban areas and the initial popularization of edge computing, the market size of AIoT in China has exceeded 300 billion and reached the level of 400 billion. As AIoT needs to reconstruct the traditional industrial value chain during its implementation, the development pace will be stable in the next few years.

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