Industrial tablet's characteristic
  • Aug 24,2022
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Industrial tablet's applicable conditions

Industrial tablets are mostly industry-specific specifications, not standardized products, so there are compatibility problems between systems. At the same time, the products must meet the special needs of customers for the working environment, such as temperature (humidity), waterproof (dust), voltage stabilizing system and continuous power system. Therefore, the manufacturer must have considerable R & D, production, testing, marketing and system integration ability, and have a certain technical threshold.

Industrial tablet's product specification

The appearance size of industrial tablet computer is between 7 and 19 inches. It adopts Intel Atom, celeron-m 1037u and arm based processor. It has various styles such as sheet metal, aluminum alloy, touch screen, non touch screen, with fan and without fan. It can be installed in embedded, wall mounted, desktop, telescopic and mobile, as well as 4:3 square screen and 16:9 wide screen, temperature and humidity recorder and bar code scanner for customers to choose, Meet the increasingly diversified expertise needs of various industries.

Industrial tablet's functional features

Different from ordinary commercial computers, industrial tablet computer series products have the characteristics of firmness, shockproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, high temperature resistance, multiple slots and easy expansion according to the environmental characteristics. It is the best platform for various industrial control, traffic control, environmental protection control and other applications in the field of automation.

Industrial tablets are mostly used by the industrial sector, and often have to operate in a special environment or start up continuously for a long time. For example, the automation equipment of the production line, the data switch of the telecom room, the monitoring equipment, the network security server of the enterprise, the navigation system, etc. must operate continuously and stably for a long time without interruption, otherwise it will cause huge losses. Therefore, the stability requirements of the computer system used are particularly strict.

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