RFID one-stop intelligent maintenance for high-speed bullet train wheels
  • Jul 21,2022
  • Tags: PDA

Rugged handheld computer

lRFID one-stop intelligent solution for high-speed bullet train wheel provides safe and reliable intelligent inspection of wheel and track for railway departments and improves work efficiency.

The wheel is an important part to ensure the safety of high-speed railway bullet trains running at over 250 km/h. As the daily wear wheel is very serious, its single operation life is basically in half a year, the wheel is divided into one level maintenance to five level maintenance. Bullet trains and high-speed rail locomotives need to be repaired once they run 4,000 kilometers or 48 hours, which is almost daily based on the speed and mileage of high-speed trains.

Maintenance personnel take a RFID Handheld Computer to real time record detailed records of replacement parts, maintenance content, maintenance time, and maintenance personnel and other information.

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