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  • Oct 10,2022
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Bluetooth rfid reader android solutions

Supply chain management

Unique code management, tracing the source of each commodity and eliminating counterfeits;

The label is embedded in each item, and the whole box is quickly sensed to realize full-automatic receiving;

Instantly verify picking errors, and 100% eliminate excessive, insufficient and wrong picking;

Batch induction inventory, the inventory frequency of the store can be greatly improved, and it is no longer a dream to achieve 100% consistency between the account and the actual;

The whole container batch inductive delivery in the warehouse, the delivery speed will be as fast as the speed setting of the tunnel machine, and will no longer be disturbed by any human factors.

Retail management

Fast sensing can make the receiving data enter the system more timely and accurately, and there will be no document time difference and no missing documents;

Tag inactivation technology can not only realize the statistical function of cash register, but also play a perfect anti-theft role;

Store matching and shopping guide information add a sense of science and technology to customers through the interactive induction of RFID tags. At the same time, it can quickly collect data such as fitting and sampling into the system.

Business management

The transparency and controllability in the production process have raised the management of processing and manufacturing enterprises to a new level;

RFID tags replace the traditional filigree paper, making the process data electronic at the first time and the production process transparent;

RFID workshop Kanban can display various data in the production process in real time, find the production bottleneck at the first time and intervene in time;

Process improvement: timely find out the reasons for the high efficiency of employees in the same process and carry out overall improvement to continuously improve production efficiency.

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