Rugged pda of Cilico MDM-IoT industry professional mobile device management platform
  • May 20,2022
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Based on our own understanding of PDA products and various application scenarios of industrial customers over the years, CILICO has developed MDM mobile device management platform that is highly compatible with our own hardware to solve problems encountered in enterprise mobile terminal application systems. Users can manage devices across the country or even around the world without leaving home!    

Industrial pda's main function modules

MDM (mobile device management )

Provide enterprises with a simple and effective unified terminal centralized management solution

MAM (mobile application management)

Provide enterprise application stores, application updates, help enterprises to achieve rapid distribution of business software, silent upgrades in the background, etc.  

MCM (mobile content management)

Help enterprise managers realize file push, consulting management, notification delivery, etc. according to business needs.

Rugged barcode scanner's Cilico MDM core value

1. Device Group Management

Organizational structure management

One-key management for different groups

Authority management

2. Extremely Fast Configuration

Complete the setting of thousands of devices within 30 seconds | 100% accurate

Fast configuration, platform issue strategy automatically

Push to all devices from platform, high efficiency and 100% accurate

3. Real-time control of the device

Device basic info: battery, applications, working statistics etc.

Real-time location information of devices for tracking

Electronic fence with alarm

4. Remote batch control equipment module switch

Operate device status and strategy on platform

Remote control the devices: on/off specified modules, restart, factory reset etc.

5. Program silent upgrade & uninstall     

One-click software upgrade and uninstall, silent push installation in the background, does not affect the normal use of customers.

6. Message Push

Real-time push, real-time display

Free push and free received

Can view all the contents without clicking

7. Device Life Cycle Management

Real-time update of equipment status (Online, Maintain, Lose, Scrap)

Coordinate with equipment name, serial number and other related information to carry out the full life cycle management of assets in a timely and effective manner

8. Remote diagnosis & Real-time interaction

Remote diagnosis: locate the issues

Remote desktop: control the device and solve the issue remotely

9. News & Document distribution
        Make information exchange more efficient

Enterprise internal information sending and receiving in time

Internal training: Operation manuals, cooperate systems etc.

10. Statistics Report

Statistics for workload (usage time), strategy, app workload (install and usage)

Data is intuitive and reliable, useful for enterprise decision-making

11. Over-the-air upgrade (OTA) (coming soon)

Remote operation, one-click upgrade

12. After-sales management system

Humanized after-sales management, customers can grasp the progress status of after-sales maintenance in real time.

Industrial pda's application and cases

Case 1: In 2020, the Chengdu Railway Bureau purchased 1,000 sets of equipment for the retail and ordering applications of passenger goods in the subordinate Chongqing and Guiyang sections. The equipment is used on hundreds of high-speed rail trains all over the southwestern region. The delivery of equipment and the daily upgrade and maintenance work are very heavy, and the original manual management of personnel cannot meet the requirements at all. After using the CILICO MDM platform, only one item of equipment setting can be reduced from the original workload of 3 people in a week to one person in 5 minutes, which greatly improves the work efficiency of personnel.

Case 2: Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport purchased a batch of CILICO F880 Thor series PDA in 2019 as handheld terminals for airport cargo and luggage sorting. The airport cargo department is subordinate to multiple departments such as the internal, international, and warehousing departments, and involves different operation scenarios in the warehouse and outside the apron, requiring the use of different network transmission methods. In order to ensure data security, it is required that the handheld terminals can only access a fixed port with a fixed IP address. From the previous trial operation period, the software upgrade and configuration modification of the equipment are more commonplace. After using CILICO MDM, it greatly facilitates the work of the operation and maintenance personnel. The device can be controlled and managed remotely.

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