Uhf tag reader assists fire fighting equipment
  • May 20,2022
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The importance of fire safety can be imagined. It is very important to ensure the maintenance and management of fire equipment. At present, the management of fire fighting equipment is still based on manual inspection and manual records, and inspection records are archived in paper, which can easily cause incomplete data records to form safety hazards. The advanced Internet of Things identification technology RFID is used to bind the identity information of RFID electronic tags to fire fighting equipment and facilities, strengthen the supervision of the inspection process, and improve the management level of fire fighting equipment. RFID technology makes fire equipment management more efficient and simpler.

Rfid tracking system-what are the advantages of it in the management of fire fighting equipment?

Improve the timeliness and accuracy of system ERP data:

Many aspects of traditional management use manual registration, which is easy to make mistakes; Due to the lack of timely registration by hand, the data of the ERP system is not accurate enough.

Real-time monitoring of managed assets:

Manage the life cycle of materials and track the status of equipment.

Collect data automatically to increase productivity:

The data in and out of the library is automatically collected to improve the efficiency of operation.

Provide the basis for decision analysis:

Data can be analyzed both online and reports for leadership decision-making and analysis.

RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which automatically identifies the target object through the radio frequency signal and obtains relevant data, and the identification work does not require manual intervention and can work in various harsh environments. UHF RFID technology has the characteristics of rapid identification of multiple tags, anti-pollution, durability, large data capacity, security and diversity. These features make the management of fire fighting equipment more efficient and simple.

Traditional fire equipment facilities and equipment into storage need to rely on a lot of manpower and material resources, and the work efficiency is relatively underground, the application of RFID technology has greatly improved many problems. Before the equipment is put into storage, the corresponding RFID electronic tags should be placed in the fire fighting equipment according to the category, and the corresponding asset information should be bound in the background. After all the fire fighting equipment within the jurisdiction is affixed with passive RFID electronic tags, the entry and exit warehouses are intelligent, automated and information-based control.

Patrol the QR code

Based on the mobile terminal APP scanning function, the static two-dimensional code is bound to the inspection facility as a quick entrance for static information and dynamic status query of the device. Through the associated inspection standard system, the inspection facilities are automatically reminded of the precautions.

Inspection plan

Flexible inspection schedules can be developed at different times, such as daily, weekly or monthly, and inspection tasks can be automatically generated.

Inspection records

Real-time statistics grasp and record the completion of inspection tasks, support the preservation and backup of long-term data, provide traceability of historical inspections, support the export of inspection records, and provide a scientific and accurate assessment basis for inspection managers.

The fire equipment inspection system determines the safety management responsibility of the main body through the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing technology. By adopting the forced fire management mode, the system improves the current situation that the traditional fire safety inspection of the unit is not in place and the inspection record is not true, and solves the problem of "no inspection" and "unwilling inspection"  of the unit inspection personnel, and realizes the intelligent management of fire protection.

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