CEO Diary - Learn how to deal with four types of interpersonal relationships from the Analects
  • Dec 25,2019
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The relationship between husband and wife, the relationship between monarchs and ministers, the relationship with parents, and the relationship with friends are the four types of interpersonal relationships that we cannot avoid in our lives and require intelligent handling. Confucius said in the Analects of Confucius more than 2,500 years ago, Zi Xia said: “Respect the sages, and do not value women. Honoring parents can do their best. Serve the monarch. You can forget your life. You can talk and trust with friends. Although such a person says that he has not learned the truth of being a man, I think he has learned it.”

“Respect the sages"Refers to the relationship between husband and wife, have two meanings, the first level means that when looking for a life partner, men should not focus on "sex" first, but should focus on character and morals first.The second meaning refers to spiritual pursuit, a material pursuit. Life is long, how to maintain a happy marriage between husband and wife on the long journey of life, Husbands and wives need to support each other, take care of each other, and at the same time study materially, spiritually, and their views on life and the world, they should strive to be consistent and cultivate more common languages. As women, only by maintaining personality and career independence can we pursue a more stable and happy marriage and family.

“Honoring parents can do their best” refers to the relationship with parents. When people have children, they have the instinct to take care of their young children, have gratitude, and give back to their parents. As the saying goes: "The grace of dripping water should be reported to Yongquan." However, it should be noted that there is another meaning of doing what you can to do your best. Gratitude and reward cannot affect the public interest of others and society.

“Serve the monarch. You can forget your life.” It's about giving one's full energy to a loyal object. At present, as a company's middle and senior management personnel, they should be loyal to all employees. Only when employees have developed and made money, that is the way to be loyal and responsible. As for employees, we should be loyal to our customers and pay them carefully. Salaries are paid by customers, and customers have difficulties. We must support him as soon as possible. Huawei has a "4:30 am story" about an agent on the eve of bidding. The customer informed him that the bidding plan needed to be adjusted or the expert explained the doubts on the spot. Otherwise, the chance was slim. The content requested by the customer, the boss has been thinking until 4:30 in the morning, when he was about to give up, did not expect to make a phone call to the local sales of Huawei to explain the situation, 20 minutes later, Huawei sales told him Experts on this scheme have already booked the first flight in the morning and can arrive at the bidding site within a predetermined time to explain the scheme to the tenderer. Another example is the company's quality department, which is loyal to the product quality, to ensure that the company's products are stable, reliable and durable in the hands of customers.

“ You can talk and trust with friends. ”It's about making friends, it's about integrity, and credit. For example, as the boss of a company, he has already had an appointment with a colleague for a dinner, but a local government leader also called to have an appointment to go. If the boss is willing to invite a colleague to meet the government leader, the boss has no credit for the colleague. Whether it is a colleague or a government leader, they are equal in personality, so they should be treated equally. The words spoken and the water spilled may be heard by government leaders and they will definitely look at the company boss.

Only by handling these four kinds of interpersonal relationships can the road of life become wider and wider.

As big as a nation and as small as a family, as a person, it is very important to have loyalty and kindness. Loyalty to the country, loyalty to the family, and loyalty to the enterprise can make individuals angry and strong, can also make families prosper, and make the country prosperous and strong. This is a very important principle and method for people to live in the world.

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