CEO Diary - May 3, 2017
  • May 03,2017
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1. Google invests $ 10 billion in technology centers in one year.

2. The foundation of the artificial intelligence revolution: cloud computing, big data, deep learning algorithms.

3. Unmanned vehicles are divided into 5 levels, and the core indicators are manually intervened once per kilometer. Google intervened once for 5,000 kilometers. Google is now level 4 and Tesla is level 2.

4. No BI (paperless office, everything cloud). Don't talk about AI.

5. Google's innovation mechanism: open + free

6. OKR (goals and main results), goal management methods (upgraded versions of KPIs), and KPIs are three major differences: 60% of goals are set from the bottom up, and only 70% is required to complete. Not directly linked to the bonus.

7. Bi-weekly manager-employee communication (not only can talk about work, but also talk about emotions)

8. Information is open. All information is open by default. 80% of the source code is public and the documentation is open.

9. The recruiter is composed of 5 different departments of the recruitment committee. The company recruits one person instead of the department, so that it will not sacrifice the company's interests for the benefit of the department.

10. Technology and management are divided into 11 levels. The technical level and the management level are treated the same. Even if the technology big man doesn't care about one person, he can have a good promotion and income, respect, and treatment. Advance every two to three years.

11. Mission is more important than dream! What is the mission to bring to others' society! What dreams bring to myself! The difference between altruism and selfishness.

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