CEO Diary - How to work and live happily in an epidemic
  • Mar 02,2020
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In the Spring Festival of 2020, the once crowded Xi'an city seemed to be suddenly pressed with the pause button. Only the night lights of the Bell Tower and the shining "Wuhan Fighting" on the office buildings were left.

During the epidemic of COVID-19, the determination and action of Chinese people to fight the epidemic shocked the world. However, the large-scale shutdown and production also brought huge challenges to enterprises.The following is RFID mobile computer expert - Mr. Wu Lue, the founder and general manager of CILICO, invited by ‘Oriental wisdom College’, I described my personal experience, family life and business operation during the epidemic, Describe personal feelings, family life, and business operations during the epidemic.

How to work and live happily in an epidemic

Wu Lue

February 29, 2020

The epidemic has a huge impact on the economy. The catering, tourism, film, transportation, education and training industries were the hardest hit. Medical, online gaming and other industries benefited. Short-term unemployment rose and prices rose. As business leaders, how should we face it?

Life is made of time, every day is wonderful

Each of our lives is made of time, and every day in our lives is very precious. Even if we have epidemic, we have a responsibility to live well every day. So when I learned that the government had told everyone not to go out, I was thinking, if we can’t go out, we can’t go to visit friends and relatives, and we can’t work normally, then how can we make better use of this time? As the head of the family, how to lead the two children and my wife not to waste this time?

On the morning of New Year's Day, I held a family meeting. Described the situation to the other three family members and expressed my own thoughts. In the next half or even a month, we will not be able to go out. Everyone in our family needs to set goals and plans. After discussions at family meeting, we set our own daily schedule. The schedule stipulates the time when we get up, exercise,study and play with our children.

The teacher said that each of us must practice in the world. I think the epidemic is coming, it is a process of practice for everyone. With the goal and the plan, it is necessary to implement it seriously.

Soon it's time to start work. The company is under tremendous pressure and cannot start working for a week, two weeks, three weeks, or even a month.

The impact of the epidemic on the company is not terrible. What is scary is the sense of panic it caused to every employee of the company. As a leader, How to bring power to the team to overcome the epidemic and how to give play to the enthusiasm of each employee is the most important. So on the morning of the eighth day of the new year, I convened a video conference for all employees. The theme of the meeting was: "How to turn crisis into opportunity in a crisis?" How can we find opportunities in times of crisis and how can we use this time? I led our team to make three decisions.

The first decision: immediately mobilize all employees to start the home office mode, and make efforts to prevent and control the epidemic as soon as possible.

The Internet of Things industry is at the forefront of modern information construction, the most concerned healthcare fields in the epidemic have our customers and old friends, for more than a decade, we have dedicated our youth to the construction of mobile nursing informatization. The first thing I thought of was how to help medical staff reduce the burden and increase efficiency, so our management team passed this decision almost instantly. Donated healthcare mobile computers to Xi'an Public Health Center, Airborne Hospital and Hubei Xianning Central Hospital. At the same time, let all marketers actively contact customers during this time. At first, our marketers were reluctant to call our customers, thinking that it was during the epidemic that everyone had not started working at home. Through the first day of trial, our phone contacts worked very well. During the epidemic, customers need the most care and greetings. The customer did not reject the call from the sales staff, projects that they usually do not want to say, also told our sales staff.

[After receiving a request from the Xi'an Public Health Center, the lovely CILICOs quickly delivered the donated equipment under strict protection]

Second decision: Practice internal skills and accelerate new product development

During the epidemic, there was not much business. You can definitely use this time to actively learn, improve yourself, and improve your team's ability. Unable to work together in the office, our team learned to use modern conference video software for online training.

We make full use of the experience accumulated by each employee in the work and share it frequently within the organization, Also invited external teachers to give us professional training, I think this is a very good time for studying. No matter when the epidemic is over, our team's learning and personal improvement cannot stop.

Opportunities accompany the crisis. In this epidemic, temperature measurement equipment such as forehead guns is a major opportunity. So we immediately mobilized technical backbone and R & D engineers, Quickly launched the "Temperature Measuring Mobile Computer" based on the Internet of Things and big data. Judging from the current actual situation, the results of our efforts are worthwhile.

On February 14, General Secretary Xi presided over the twelfth meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee. He emphasized: "There needs to be encouragement for the use of digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to better play a supporting role in epidemic surveillance and analysis, virus traceability, prevention and treatment, and resource allocation.In the epidemic, we, as pioneers of IoT companies, are also honored to do something for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The third decision: lead a healthy life for every employee

How to make each employee's life healthier and more colorful during the epidemic? My HR team gave me great advice.

Every morning from 8:00 to 08:30, I used the live broadcast software to lead all employees to practice "Ba Duan Jin". In order to make the lives of colleagues more colorful, we encourage everyone to share food. Every weekend, our company groups are very lively, There were made Liangpi, roast chicken, steamed scallions, etc. There are also many loving photos shows in the Valentine's Day.

No winter will not pass, no spring will not come

I think if a company's vitality depends on whether the team has vitality. When facing difficulties, can we face it with a relaxed attitude. Our team has vitality, cohesion, when encountering difficulties, I believe we can work together to overcome them. Each of our employees is able to face their work and life with a very positive attitude. I think that when the winter passes, the corporate economy will definitely usher in an explosive growth. The land we love is bound to wait until the spring.

Thank you for listening to my sharing

                                                          Wu Lue

                                                    February 29, 2020

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