CILICO and Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications jointly held an industry event
  • Dec 16,2019
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On August 28, 2019, the 4th IoT Industry Development and Technology Cooperation Seminar on the theme of Internet of Things, 5G technology and industry application was held in Xi’an.


(Group photo of some guests)

 Experts, scholars, and business representatives from the Internet of Things in China gathered together to discuss the Internet of Things and 5G key technologies, standards, testing and industry applications and personnel training. CILICO Microelectronics Ltd(Referred to as “CILICO”), as the sole co-organizer of Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, participated in the whole process and contributed to the development of the western Internet of Things industry.


(Professor Lu Guangyue, Vice President of Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, gave a welcome speech)

 Xi’an, as an important talent training base for the west and even China, and a “Hard Technology Capital”, exports a large number of high-tech talents and advanced technologies every year. Based on its unique location advantages, CILICO is based in northwest of China and facing the world. For 18 years, it has been deeply rooted in the field of IoT handheld terminals, and has become the world’s top three PDA expert brands.


(Mr. Wu Lue, General Manager of CILICO, reported on the “Global Benchmark Case of China’s Handheld Terminals”)

 In this meeting, Mr. Wu Lue, the general manager of the company, was invited to report on the “Global Benchmark Case of China’s Handheld Terminals” to comprehensively interpret the strategic opportunities and challenges of Chinese enterprises in the context of trade wars.We will making the products with the concept of “戒Jie”, “定Ding” , then get “慧Hui”, and use the “courage”, “mentality” and “talent” to meet the challenges.


(Dr. Wang from Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications sharing “Internet of Things Wireless Access Standards and Key Technologies”)

 At the same time, this session also invited Beijing Zhongke Guoji, Shenzhen Yushunhong, Xi’an Future Xiansen, Key Laboratory of Internet of Things Standards and Applied Industry and Information Technology, National Laboratory for Wireless Network Security, China Science Press, China The wonderful sharing of dozens of enterprises from upstream and downstream of the Electronic Information Standardization Research Institute, Xiamen Innor, Shaanxi Unicom and other industries brought a feast of sharing the entire industry chain of the Internet of Things.


(Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology postdoctoral share “Pan in Power Internet of Things”)


(Teacher Gen of China Electronics Information Standardization Institute, sharing the “Internet of Things Sensing Technology and Standardization Agreement”)


(Dr. Du, National Laboratory for Wireless Network Security Technology, Sharing the “Progress of IoT Security Technology and Standardization”)

 An open, learning and integration industry event also brought full communication opportunities to the guests. The dialogue between the “Internet of Things and 5G” experts sparked a lively discussion on the spot: “What problems does the Internet of Things face for enterprise talent training?”, “How do you think about the contradiction between fragmentation and scale application of the Internet of Things?” “How can PDA/handheld terminals stand up under the containment of smart phones?”······ It added more voices to the conference and also presented a strong academic atmosphere in the Northwest Internet of Things industry.


(Q: “How does PDA stand still under the smartphone attack?”)

(A: “Enterprise-level customers need professional-grade products that have no 0.01-second error!”)


(Editor-in-Chief of China Science Press Zhao shared the training of talents)

 The annual industry event has come to an end. As one of the top three PDA brands in the world, CILICO will continue to contribute to the integration of industry, academia and research in the Internet of Things in the Midwest.


         (Guests Sign in)

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