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  • Apr 09,2020
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With the effective control of the domestic epidemic situation, the junior third and senior high school graduating classes in many provinces and cities in the country are resumed in an orderly manner. Moreover, it is necessary to protect the reserves of anti-epidemic materials such as masks and disinfectants, and it also involves strict monitoring of the health status and protection of teachers and students returning to school. The temperature detection is a rigid requirement for the current resumption of school.

On April 8th, Shulan City Experimental High School, Jilin Province welcomed the resumption of the students in the graduating class. At 6:20, the sky was light, and the students arrived at the entrance of the school to take body temperature tests. In 15 minutes, more than 800 students resumed this period Complete the temperature test and walk into the classroom.

"36.2 ° Normal", "36.3 ° Normal" ······

Outdoor, low temperature, no need to set up a tent, temperature measurement, registration, one person and one file, 800 people, 15 minutes, fast pass.

This is the temperature measurement on the first day of school. According to the principal in charge, 2600 students can complete all temperature measurement within 30 minutes after the school resumes. The system can be automatically generated to ensure that the teacher is truly returned to the classroom.

From receiving notification of resumption of school, to preparing for all resumption of school and epidemic prevention, and the first batch of students returning to school, Shulan City Experimental Middle School took only two weeks. The speed is fast and the preparation is complete, which is amazing.

Jilin Ruichen Wulian Technology Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the deployment of this temperature measurement program, applied to Fuliye headquarters after receiving the school ’s urgent needs, and jointly established a technical support service team, which completed the equipment commissioning and program deployment within a week , Operation training, test drills.

Among the many temperature measurement solutions, why did this school choose CILICO for temperature measurement?

Integrated temperature measurement registration and efficient passage

This solution integrates body temperature measurement + identity verification + report generation. The single pass time does not exceed 3 seconds, and the operation is simple, the guards, security guards, etc. can be learned in 5 minutes, and there is no need to arrange additional personnel to do clerical work. Let the teacher's energy completely return to the classroom to ensure the quality of teaching.

Portable and easy to deploy, realize multi-point temperature measurement

A handheld terminal + self-contained temperature measurement APP can form a temperature measurement point. It is used at the entrance of the school in the morning and can be carried to classrooms, restaurants, dormitories, stadiums, libraries, school buses and other occasions to achieve high temperature utilization.

Not affected by external environment, accurate temperature measurement

The temperature-measuring equipment adopts medical-grade temperature-measuring module, which meets the requirements of medical-grade temperature-measuring. The whole machine is IP65 industrial three-proof, without fear of rain and snow. According to the on-site staff, due to the impact of snowy weather, the on-site equipment such as frontal temperature guns could not be used at all.

The domestic epidemic situation has been improved by the joint efforts of the majority of medical workers and all the Chinese people. As of April 7th, Wuhan was unsealed. It is worth noting that the cumulative number of cases imported overseas has exceeded 1,000 on the 7th. Resuming work, resuming production and resuming school gradually, but the vigilance against epidemic prevention and the perfect strategy are still to be adhered to at this stage and even for a long time!

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