CILICO Temperature Measuring Mobile Computer - New Product Launch
  • Mar 03,2020
  • Tags: Mobile Computer,Healthcare,Temperature Measuring Mobile Computer

On March 2, RFID mobile computer expert CILICO (Cilico Microelectronics Co., Ltd.) held a new product “Temperature Measuring Mobile Computer” launch conference. Temperature Measuring Mobile Computer released to users worldwide, effectively preventing and controlling the spread of the epidemic.


It is reported that this smart temperature measuring product can complete the body temp test+ identifification+ barcode scanning+ reports generation through only one mobile computer. Its portable, efficient, contact-free, and intelligent processing of big data will effectively help the epidemic prevention and control, greatly reduce the difficulty and cost of personnel control during the epidemic, and make the prevention and control work more scientific and accurate. It will be a “Smart device” for transportation, office buildings, schools, supermarkets and other densely populated places to achieve contact-free temperature measurement, improve efficiency, and accurately manage.


The epidemic of COVID-19 is currently spreading globally, shortage of various temperature measurement and control equipment. As RFID mobile computer expert, CILICO relies on its deep accumulation in the field of Internet of Things and big data to rapidly innovate and develop, efficiently integrate high-quality resources in the supply chain, the first launch of intelligent cloud temperature measurement products, creating a new category. It will not only effectively fill the market gap of portable intelligent temperature measurement equipment, but also vigorously enhanced the ability of enterprises to continuously improve and innovate in the areas of epidemic prevention and control such as intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.

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