【Awards】CILICO won the third prize of the 2020 "Maker China" Special Competition!
  • Apr 22,2020
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Recently, CILICO Smart Handheld Temperature Reader won the "New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic" in the 2020 "Maker China" Shaanxi SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition jointly sponsored by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Provincial Department of Finance and hosted by the Shaanxi SME Service Center. Third prize in the special category of "Prevention and Control".

[CILICO won the third prize in the topic category of "New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control"]

As the world's leading mobile computer expert brand, CILICO took the lead in developing the world's first Smart Handheld Temperature Reader, helping high-quality resumption of production. Only one mobile terminal device is needed to complete the functions of identity recognition + body temperature detection + data upload and download.

["Maker China" "Shaanxi Provincial SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition defense scene]

The medical-grade precision temperature measurement, portable, efficient, contact-free, and intelligent processing of big data have effectively helped the construction of the joint prevention and control network of the entire society, and greatly reduced the difficulty and cost of government personnel control during the epidemic. Make the prevention and control work more scientific and precise. At present, it has been used in crowded places such as passenger transportation, business resumption, student resumption of classes, chain supermarkets and so on.

[CILICO ‘Smart Handheld Temperature Reader" team representative accepted an interview with reporters]

For more than ten years, CILICO has been committed to deepening the Internet of Things and big data industry with technological innovation. It is the first domestic manufacturer to launch the Android platform IoT handheld terminal. In the future, CILICO will continue to innovate in product technology. , Contributing innovative wisdom to the transformation of digital and intelligent Internet of Things.

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